Need Extra Security for Your Property?

Need Extra Security for Your Property?

Arrange for wooden fence installation in Belgrade, MT

Installing a fence is one of the best ways to enhance your property's appearance and boost your home's security. Last Best Place Landscaping Inc. offers metal and wooden fence installation for homeowners in Belgrade, MT and the surrounding areas. You can choose between horizontal or vertical fencing based on your desired aesthetic.

We'll even communicate with the HOA on your behalf. We charge per linear foot and require 50% of the payment prior to installation. Call 406-581-2785 now to schedule metal or wooden fence installation.

Deck out your backyard with a new deck

Hire a deck builder to upgrade your outdoor living space in Belgrade, MT. Your new deck will be built to your exact specifications. Choose from pre-manufactured or real wood, pick your favorite stain and then let us handle the installation. Your backyard will be the new favorite spot for parties, family gatherings and summer barbecues.

Contact a deck and fencing contractor today!